The Ultimate Random Party Playlist

Before I started downloading songs from bursalagu, I would use all kinds of tricks to get music for free, short of pirating them from file sharing programs. I would download music videos and rip the audio from them using free software. The results weren’t as good as the actual song files found on a CD or music download service, but they were good enough for me. Later, websites started hosting their own methods for ripping audio from videos hosted on the web, which made it even easier for me. Now I don’t even bother with those methods and just download the audio file.

Recently a friend of mine decided to have a party at his house and wanted me to help him track down some songs. His list included some old songs that I haven’t heard in a long time, and some obscure ones that were new to me. Since my friend grew up in Europe, he was used to hearing a lot of songs that never came to America outside of a few small circles or some very specific radio stations. He’s really into those fast Euro beat songs and likes to dance along to them when he thinks no one is watching.

We found the songs easily and burned them to a disc. For some reason, my friend didn’t want to buy a dedicated music player that can handle song files, and he didn’t want to use his phone as a music player during the party because he thought that someone might call his phone and interrupt the music while it’s playing. It’s not really a big deal, because I sometimes use my old CDs in my car, but it would be easier for him to just have a dedicated player. At least he wouldn’t have to pay for blank discs.

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